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LFP Exhibit and Dialogue with Sec. Alcala

Meeting of the LFPs with Sec. Alcala on March 26, 2012.

The Locally Funded Projects (LFP) of the Department of Agriculture complement DA's effort in alleviating the poor in the countryside, enhancing and sustaining social capital and supporting the peace building efforts in the conflict areas of Mindanao. For eight years, DA has been supporting the Projects in order to bridge the gaps thru partnerships with Local Government Units.

During the LFP Year End Assessment Meeting held in General Santos City last February 2012, it was proposed for the LFP group to seek an audience with Sec. Alcala to discuss the continuity of the Projects. An exhibit was also conceptualized so that we can showcase our products raise awareness of the projects’ relevance up to this time. The LFP Exhibit ran from March 26 - 30, 2012 at the lobby of DA Central Office which was participated by the 14 LFPs that include SOCKSSARGEN, DIDP, HELP-MC, PPSM, SPEED, CASECNAN, 4H CLUB, YOUNG FARMERS, MKDA, IRANUN,ZIADP, MNCIADP, CIDP and BAPADS.

The DIDP displayed the products of the beneficiary cooperatives of its Agro-Processing Promotion Project such as banana chips, peanut butter, durian candies, durian tarts, salsa amarilla, salsa roja, sardines, etc. Aside from those, we also featured the project accomplishments of the DIDP such as farm-to-market roads, bridges, irrigation facilities, livelihood projects in our promotional materials.

On the other hand, the dialogue with Sec. Proceso J. Alcala was held on March 26, 2012, 2:00 PM. It was attended by Sec. Alcala, Usec. Antonio Fleta of Administration and Finance, Usec. Joel Rudinas of Operations, Asec. Ophelia Agawin of Finance, RED Amalia Datukan of RFU XII, DA-SPCMAD Staff and Focal Persons of the 14 Locally Funded Projects. Engr. Roy Abaya, OIC-SPCMAD, presented the existing locally funded projects monitored by by the Division. In his presentation, he highlighted the key functions of the various locally funded projects, as follows:

1. LFPs provide direct assistance to specific focus groups including women's groups and internally displaced communities.
2. LFPs subprojects include farm to market roads, bridges, and irrigation and other agri-infrastructure facilities; and establishment of agricultural research center and livelihood and farm productivity in conflict affected areas.

After Engr. Abaya's presentation, the Secretary gave his comments, clarifications and suggestions for the Locally Funded Projects:

i. There is a need to evaluate each project and there should be a standard measurement of evaluation; There is a need to show the project's impact at the community and possible points of convergence;

ii. FMR subprojects should be evaluated in terms of effectiveness, budget spent and percentage accomplishment;

iii. How are these LFPs related to MRDP and other Foreign Assisted Projects existing in the project areas?

iv. There should be focus in realigning projects especially infrastructure in conflict affected areas;

v. Projects (like food terminals and bagsakan centers) should not start and stop in putting up buildings and structures;

vi. There is a need for integration of the projects and identify what existing and planned activities can be absorbed by agencies/bureaus;

vii. Project managers and implementers should also look into the practicality of projects, whether the project is really felt by beneficiaries and visible in the community;

viii. LFPs should also strengthen its existing livelihood projects and monitoring of utilization of resources.

After the meeting with Sec. Alcala, the LFPs have a short meeting with Engr. Roy Abaya and the SPCMAD staff on the next steps and agreed to submit a quick assessment that will focus on the following: w Cumulative Accomplishments w Gaps and Relationships of Projects w Minimum and Maximum Budgets w Negotiable and Non-negotiable Activities w Possible Point of Convergence with other projects The exhibit cum dialogue was very successful since we were able to come up a good plan in order to sustain the Locally Funded Projects and enhance its coverage and relevance in the LGUs.


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