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Groundwater Activities for 2nd Quarter of 2011

Resistivity survey in Island Garden City of Samal

Groundwater Development activities for the 2nd quarter of the year consist of monitoring the production wells of the Local Governance and Rural Empowerment Project (LGREP) pilot sites and resistivity surveys for groundwater evaluation in Panabo City and Island Garden City of Samal.

Site visits to the LGREP pilot projects were conducted between the 2nd and 3rd weeks of April 2011 as part of the regular project monitoring activity with the Small Water Supply (SWS) and Community Organizing (CO) groups. During these visits, the water levels of the well sources were taken, and water samples were collected and tested, using the equipments that were donated by JICA under LGREP. Test results are within the expected limits but it was recommended to the BAWASA officers in the pilot sites to observe and limit the amount of water extraction to the original quantity design to maintain the sustainability of the groundwater source. There was also a need to clean-up the wells in Brgy. Waan, Davao City to prevent damage to the pump.

On the other hand, resistivity surveys for the evaluation of groundwater sources were conducted in Brgy. Cacao in Panabo City and Brgy. Licup and Brgy. Cawag in Island Garden City of Samal in May to June 2011. Two candidate sites in each barangay were tested, and using the test results, a possible drilling location was selected. Water samples from sources that are nearest to the survey sites were also collected to evaluate the water quality around the area of the selected drilling points. On the last week of June 2011, the drilling in Brgy. Cacao were monitored and drilling samples were collected and evaluated to validate the survey results. These data can also be used as reference for future surveys. The three surveys were commissioned by the LGU of Davao del Norte. Personnel from the Engineering and Planning Offices of Panabo City, Island Garden City of Samal, and Provincial Government of Davao del Norte were present to participate in the survey as part of the continuing technical transfer on groundwater development.



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