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P95.59 Million Budget Proposed For cy 2013 Food Security Projects

The DIDP Project Management Office recently submitted the Work Plan and Proposed Budget of the DIDP Integrated Food Security Program for CY 2013. The “within budget ceiling” proposal amounted to P95.59 Million, with P90.6 Million (95%) allocated for the Farm-to-Market Road Projects (FMRP) of the DIDP member-LGUs, and P4.99 Million (5%) for support to Project Management. With the Performance-Based Allocation scheme set to affect the LGU shares under the CY 2014 budget of DIDP IFSP, CY 2013 will be the last year with which the sharing of project funds among the 10 LGUs of DIDP will be computed using the equitable sharing formula that DIDP has followed in previous years. The 4 provinces and Davao City will receive P12.59 Million each, and the 5 component cities are allocated P5.53 Million each. Total targeted length of the roads is 12 kilometers.

On the other hand, the activities for Project Management include the conduct of coordination meetings and consultations, validation and monitoring of projects, provision of trainings, generation of reports and participation in DA-Locally Funded Projects (LFP) activities. Regular monitoring activities of ongoing FMR projects by DIDP PMO and DA RFU XI will continue, and validation of the proposed projects for CY 2014 will be conducted in the last quarter of 2013. Activities such as the quarterly Consultation Meetings on FMR projects and the semestral DIDP Coordinators' Meetings will be facilitated to promote common understanding on the activities and projects of the DIDP and provide solutions to bottlenecks in project implementation. Capability building activities such as benchmarking and GIS-related trainings will be provided to project personnel to continually enhance their capacities in project development and implementation. Next year, the DIDP is scheduled to host one of the national meetings of the Locally-Funded Projects of the Department of Agriculture, which is an opportunity to showcase not just the good practices and projects of the DIDP, but also the food, culture and beautiful spots of the Davao Region.



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