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DIDP Board

Provide expert advice and assistance in the integrated area development planning and project prioritization activities for the orderly implementation of the Program in their respective areas

Ensure the consistency of the Program in their respective areas with the national, regional and local development plans

Advocate policy reforms to the appropriate level of authority

Project Management Office (PMO)

Provide technical support and assistance to the Board and coordinate with various Planning and Development offices, NGAs, NGOs and the private sector;

Through its Executive Director, enter into contracts to facilitate the technical and administrative operations of the PMO;

Ensure implementation of plans and programs of concerned government agencies and initiatives of NGOs and private sector groups for sustainable development of the region;

Provides technical assistance to its member-LGUs in the generation and printing of electronic maps through its GIS unit, preparation of comprehensive development plans, organization of capacity building activities, etc.;

Promotes specific projects and programs in relevant conferences and other fora;

Packages and submits project proposals to foreign donor agencies;

Follows-up fund draw downs from fund sources;

Formulate project framework, selection criteria for proposed sites and beneficiary organizations, evaluation criteria for project proposals and implementing guidelines in coordination with LGUs and relevant national line agencies; and

Undertake validation of project sites and beneficiaries for proposed projects in accordance with project selection criteria, monitoring of on-going projects, and impact evaluation and assessment of completed projects.

TAG / Task Force

Provide technical support to the PMO in accordance with their agency’s mandate.

Advocate and recommend the necessary framework and instruments for the effective and efficient implementation of projects

Recommend to the PMO appropriate measures that will facilitate the completion and sustainability of the project

Attend regular meetings to facilitate updating and progress reporting

At present, there are 3 TAGs organized for the implementation of the Upland Farming Model Villages Project, Fisherfolks Livelihood Enhancement Project and Agro-Processing Promotion Project.

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